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Place of Solution -- Sri Nabadwip Dham

by Srila Bhakti Raksaka Sridhara Maharaja

Nabadwip is considered by the high order devotees to be the highest place of theism of Absolute Love. Sri Radhika and Govinda combined Themselves together, and they are avowed to give their dearest thing to the public. As Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu They came here with this idea.

Both parties have the best wealth, and They have come to distribute that for the benefit of the public: “Come this way, you will get the highest thing that we taste ourselves. The same dish you can have. O people, you can have a taste of the same dish as we relish. It is the play of the highest order. Prem. Love.”

Raso vai sah: the Upanisads say that sweetness – rasa, anandam, sundaram – is really controlling the whole creation. Everyone wants rasa, none can say otherwise. From the atheists to the highest order of theist, everyone wants rasa.

If we can develop the eye to see, then every atom of Gaura-Dham will charm us to the utmost. Only the eye is necessary. By charm every atom is sufficient to engage us fully and accommodate us wholesale. One particle of dust can give us fullest engagement because all is infinite and of the most generous type here. All the dust is of the most generous type and promising for Krsna.

Every particle of dust promises to give us Radha-Krsna, so what more do we need? They all promise, and this is the outcome of Gaura-Dham. No other nature can be traced in them. They are all helping to take us to our highest attainment. Really seeing, it is their nature. Externally according to our anartha it may produce so many tests and examinations, but with the least test and least trouble, they are ready to give our highest goal: the connection of Mahaprabhu, and the eye to see who Mahaprabhu is. The angle of vision is the most important thing, the angle of vision to look upon the environment.

In Vrndavan there are apparently so many demons such as Aghasura, Bakasura, Dhenuka, Vyoma, Arista, Kesi and Kamsa, but they are on the surface, whereas Krsna is everywhere. There is the superficial vision and the real vision. Similarly there is the internal self, and the necessity of that internal self – soul’s necessity – avoiding the superfluous, the surface.

The surface is for our physical senses, and for the mind there is also a mental layer of different types of religionists including so many other religions. But in the layer of soul, when we come to appreciate assistance from others, then we will come to appreciate how beautiful and how magnanimous is the connection of Gauranga here in Nabadwip. How it can enrich our soul! Our soul’s necessity.

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